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Web hosting and domain name registration

Once the design and content of your new website is ready and has been approved, it is time to publish it online as quickly as possible so it can start to promote your business or activity.

For new clients, 2Sevens will have already set up the web hosting account and registered your domain name for you, so all that remains is to remove the password protection and - hey presto - your new site is available to all online.

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Web hosting without fuss — let us take the strain

Full Service web hosting

Our clients have businesses to run and have little time to acquaint themselves fully with the technicalities of the modern internet. At the same time, they realise a well-run website is a vital part of their ongoing promotion. With our Full Service web hosting package, new site updates, extra email accounts or simply good internet advice is only an email or a phone-call away.

Tailored disk space and bandwidth

The amount of disk space you need on the server to hold your web pages and the allocation of bandwidth for your site (more simply: 'traffic') is easy for 2Sevens to arrange as we designed your site and will be monitoring its usage thereafter. Should your site become immensely popular in time, then extra disk space and bandwidth can be made available at fixed, proportional rates.

Automatic annual renewals

Using 2Sevens for all your continuing internet needs makes sense in economic and administrative terms. You do not need to keep track of when your domain name expires as 2Sevens renews this automatically for you. The same applies to your hosting deal. No extra charges are made for the correspondence or administration involved — the only charge made to you is for the annual renewal of your hosting deal and domain name registration, which you may cancel at any time.


Making use of the 2Sevens Full Service webhosting deal entitles you to personal support. 2Sevens Media is available by email or telephone during working hours and will provide a private telephone number for emergency cases outside working hours. This kind of personal support is not possible for many larger web hosting companies who use either ticketing support systems which lead to longer response times, or expensive telephone helplines which entail extra costs.

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