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Web design for small to medium businesses

Whether the website is a makeover or an entirely new project, the basic stages of web design development are similar. A free personal consultation can speed up the process and may be arranged if distance permits.

Generally speaking, site development falls into three stages (see below). After each stage of web design has been completed and approved, an invoice is issued for the work so far. Upon payment we move onto the next stage until the website is finished to the customer’s satisfaction, after which it is opened up to the public.

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Web design process

1: Webspace reservation and domain name registration

Once a client formally agrees to have their web design done by 2Sevens, a webspace is set up on a 2Sevens server (webhosting service) where the site will be hosted and developed. A domain name for the site is registered in the client’s name so the client becomes the official domain name holder. At this stage, the site is not open to the public and only the client and 2Sevens have the login rights. The client can now follow the development of the site as it progresses.

2: Site structure and graphic design

The next step is to create a basic site structure with a number of pages and clickable navigation links. If it is a site renovation project, this structure will be based on the client’s existing data. Work will also begin on the graphic part of the web design and a personal look and feel according to the client’s wishes. Once the client signs off on the web design it will be finalised and checked for errors and standards compliance.

3: Finalisation and markup of site contents

The third stage involves the finalisation and markup of the actual site contents. This includes the text, images and headings of the various pages. Optional extras such as contact forms and server access scripts can also be installed and tested at this stage.


Once the three steps above have been completed 2Sevens will test the new site in all current browsers and correct any (validation) errors. The client will then be asked to check their content and report any typos or other errors.

If all is well, the password protection will be removed and the site will be published online.

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