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Maintain your website with 2Sevens Media

Our clients are assured of continuing support once their site is up and running. To maintain a good site needs professional care and attention and this is where 2Sevens Media becomes a true partner for the client.

Our all-in package includes the use of our own efficient, in-house site management system which will maintain high standards and keep costs low. This leaves our clients with more time to spend on their own business, safe in the knowledge their web needs are in professional hands.

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Stress-free IT for your business - we maintain

Dedicated webmaster to maintain your site

For those who take advantage of our all-in package, 2Sevens Media can maintain the site for them, acting as their own personal webmaster. Updating websites is quick and easy with our in-house system. Administration is also simplified, invoices for the various internet services consolidated from one source meaning savings for both parties. For any other web problems or questions, support and advice is readily available from a trusted contact person at 2Sevens.

Site updates

Clients can choose between annual update contracts, which are attractive for regular periodic updates, or opt to pay a small fee for one-off updates if that better suits their particular needs. We are flexible in this respect and our prices are extremely competitive. Our update system can handle listings requiring regular changes, such as menus, product lists, or event schedules with ease, and is particularly suited to the the requirements of the catering trade.

Problems with your existing website?

It is not uncommon for website owners to find themselves left high and dry by their previous webmaster or designer, their site half-completed or desperately in need of updates. 2Sevens Media has already rescued a few failed projects and is actively involved in modernising others. We are only an email away.


Short-term site updates are one thing; over time however, the target group or core business of a company may change so the website needs a complete overhaul. 2Sevens has experience with this kind of redesign. Changes may also be imposed from outside: advances in internet technology can, often quite suddenly, render old websites obsolete or out of date. 2Sevens stays abreast of web developments and complies with the latest web standards, so future upgrades can be implemented more easily.

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